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Slumber Party

A Slumber Party was conducted for the learners of grade 2 on Saturday, 24.09.2022 at Centre Point School International.The event was held to mark the end of the novel ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. Students and teachers dressed in their night suits had a gala time exploring the beauty of darkness. Activities included stargazing, games in the dark, daydreaming, creating fireworks with paints and a short movie time with popcorn and cotton candy. The idea was to help the learners understand that it is okay to be afraid of something. They should try being a little brave and researching about it to overcome their fears. With the main character of the novel Plop, who was afraid of the dark children found and learnt that ‘Dark is Exciting’, ‘Dark is Kind’, ‘Dark is Fun’, ‘Dark is Wonderful’, ‘Dark is Necessary’, ‘Dark is Beautiful’ and thus, dark is nothing to be afraid of. Unique activities like these are specially designed for the learners of CPSI to provide them with fun filled learning experiences.