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Our Young Thespians step out of the cocoon!

Meticulously crafted by Centre Point School International students, the thought-provoking Nukkad Natak seamlessly melded insightful narratives, resonant dialogues, and dynamic performances. Tackling diverse social issues—environmental conservation, gender parity, bullying and community unity—the young thespians aimed to raise awareness and spark change.
Laughter and introspection filled the atmosphere as the actors held the audience captive, fostering a profound connection. This event underscored youth activism’s potency, highlighting the need to amplify young voices. Applause erupted at the Three Beans Cafe, acknowledging students’ effort.
The interactive denouement between audience and performers further transcended the café’s confines. The street play by CPSI learners on 10th August, 2023, amalgamated youthful vibrancy, theatrical artistry, and café ambiance—an unforgettable experience.