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Magic Day

‘Magic Day’ was conducted for the learners of Grade 4 on 24th September,2022 at Centre Point School International. It was based on their literature book ‘Matilda’. Matilda, the lead protagonist of the story discovers that she possesses some unique magical powers and tries them throughout the story. So, keeping these magical elements as the theme, a well acclaimed magician Mr. Amit Bhavaskar intrigued our wide eyed learners as he displayed the sleight of hand. The icing on the cake was when the magician taught them some magical tricks to try on their own. To share their excitement, the learners of grade 4 , invited their junior school mates of grades 1 and 3 and what started as an immersive experience for grade 4 extended to be an active learning session for the Primary section all together. We are sure these moments are going to be etched in the memories of our learners as happy times in school.:)