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Insights from the CPSI Mock Youth Parliament 2023

Empowering Tomorrow’s Voices: Insights from the CPSI Mock Youth Parliament 2023

The Mock Youth Parliament organised by Centre Point School International on 25th August 2023 was a remarkable event that provided young minds with a platform to engage in insightful discussions on various pertinent issues. The event commenced with an inspiring address by the speaker, who outlined the structure and functioning of a parliamentary session.
The highlight of the event was the Question Hour, where participants adeptly tackled queries related to China’s encroachment, Khalistan, and illegal immigrants. The session proved to be highly productive, fostering informative exchanges and insightful viewpoints from both sides. The learners exhibited remarkable eloquence and depth of knowledge.
The subsequent Zero Hour featured I.N.D.I.A posing questions to BJP, who responded with enthusiasm and clarity. The interactive nature of this session contributed to a dynamic exchange of ideas. Following this, the Legislative Business Hour commenced, during which the National Linguistic Reservation Bill was deliberated. Participants passionately advocated for regional languages as mediums of instruction in schools. Ultimately, the arguments swayed in favour of the BJP, resulting in the bill’s passage.
The second bill, the National Heritage Temple Restoration Bill, invoked intense debate but failed to gain parliamentary approval. The passionate discourse showcased the learners’ critical thinking and negotiation skills. The event culminated with a prize distribution ceremony, where accolades like Best Parliamentarian Speaker, Leader of the Opposition, and Best Debater were awarded to deserving participants.
The event drew to a close with the principal’s inspiring speech, emphasizing the importance of such exercises in nurturing informed and responsible citizens.
In conclusion, the Mock Youth Parliament at Centre Point School International on 25th August 2023 was an intellectually invigorating event, showcasing the potential and fervor of young minds in matters of governance and democracy.